We hope that this collection of versions of the TEN COMMANDMENTS brings you some clarity.

Comparing two or more versions
You may compare different versions or translations of the Ten Commandments by initally viewing the versions of interest and selecting “Compare Version” button found on the top left of each version. Once you have selected at least two versions you can compare your selected versions side by side by selecting “Compare Selected Versions” button located on the main menu bar.

Comparing one Commandment (One by One)
You might find it helpful to be able to compare a single Commandment between all our listed versions translations. This can be easily achieved by choosing a single Commandment from the drop down menu item “One by One.

Submit a Version
If you have a version of the Ten Commandments (from a published Bible) that is not listed on our site – we would very much appreciate a copy to add to our site. Please include as much info as you have when submitting your version

Download a copy
We have included a downloadable copy of each version, the links can be found at the bottom of the version.